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Multi Cup Pulp Receptacle x 200

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200 Multi purpose cup made of recycled and disposable pulp material with added waterproofing. High quality product designed for a
multitude of functions, but primarily used for urine samples and suitable for disposal in any macerator. Capacity 300ml.

• Disposable product for easy and quick handling, increased hygiene and reduced risk of contamination
• Pulp product made of recycled materials and disposable through macerators
• Controlled pouring to ease handling
• Steady when standing due to flat bottom surface
• Strong sides so able to support weight of contents when full
• Easy to store (product is stackable) and separate
• Easy to carry when full

Regulatory Compliance
• Capacity: 300ml
• Material: Paper pulp (100% newsprint)
• Dimensions: 176L x 90W x 64H (mm)
• Weight: 10g ± 4g
• Colour: Grey

Compliant with:
• Medical Devices Directives 93/42/EEC Class 1 (2007/47/EC)
• British standard PAS29:1999
• Disposability: By maceration
• Fluid Resistance: British Standard PAS29:1999
• Fluid Tested: Water
• Resistance Time >4 hours
• Resistance Temperature 35°C (±3°C)
Certification MDD 93/42/EC
Material Pulp
Length 176mm
Width 90mm
Height 64mm
Pack Qty 200
Capacity 300ml