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Purell Hand & Surface Sanitising Wipes pack of 40

Product Code : WPS86
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A pack of 40 PURELLĀ® Hand and Surface Sanitising Wipes are which 35gsm. They are a multi-purpose disinfecting wipe and are Certified as a class I medical device, as well as being safe for regular use on hands and hard surfaces. Kill 99.99% of most common germs that may be harmful. Dimensions of wipe: 20cm x 20cm 

Effectively tested for EN 1040, EN 1276, EN 13727+ A2* (v.2015), EN 13697, EN 13697, EN 13727* Staphylococcus aureus MRSA, Enterococcus faecium ERV, Escherichia coli EBSE, EN 14561. Yeasticidal according to EN 1275 (Candida albicans), EN 13624 (Candida albicans), EN 13697 (Candida albicans), EN 1650+A1 (Candida albicans), EN 14562 (Candida albicans), EN 1650 (Trichophyton mentagrophytes). 
Active on virus H1N1 according to EN 14476+A1, Herpes simplex 1, Rotavirus, BVDV (surrogate for Hepatitis C), PRV (surrogate for Hepatitis B), HIV.
Certification EN1040, EN1276, EN13727+A2(v.2015), EN13697, EN13727, EN14561, EN1275, EN13624, EN1650+A1, EN14562, EN1650, EN14476+A1
Thickness 35gsm
Width 20cm
Sheets 40 per pack
Length 20cm